1. Preschoolers


Introduce young beginners to Chinese basics, keep them interested and make learning Chinese fun! 

  • Chinese phonetics, Hanyu pinyin
  • 4 tones and neutral tone
  • basic vocabularies in different topics using flashcards, charts, simple text and exercise
  • sentences making
  • basic conversations and key questions
  • story-telling, speech and drama 
  • show and tell
  • Chinese songs and rhymes
  • fun games & activities



1. Primary and secondary school 


All international schools and local school Chinese syllabus in Singapore.  My tuition helps your kids with


  • homework
  • tests
  • coursework
  • school exams and open exams preparation : IB, IBCSE, GCSE, SAT, YCT, HSK and others
  • reading, writing, speaking and listening to ace their school results. Apart from their school textbooks, I use a variety of interesting and authoritative learning materials, stories, articles and role playing to keep your kids interested and accelerate their Chinese learning.  Learning how to write is never easier with my step by step and systemic teaching method.  Your kids will write beautifully in no time.  For speaking and listening, I will first thoroughly go through with your kids all the school materials to ensure they have firm understanding of the topics before I engage them with my custom-made topical dialogues that boast their confidence in speaking real life Chinese.  


2. Conversational Mandarin


I teach your kids standard Chinese pronunciation, hanyu pinyin, the four tones,  everyday vocabularies, social and everyday Mandarin,  improve your child's conversational skills and go on to language fluency with interesting learning materials and references to relevant and interesting cultural points. By engaging them in role-playing for different topics, they will practise plentifully before having conversations in real life at different places.   I offer to take them out to field trips to practice what they learn in my classes.  I connect easily with kids, I am able to inspire their desire to learn and sustain their interest with fun and rewarding learning experience!



3. Chinese cultural classes and fun activities 


I engage your kids with fun learning activities beyond classroom learning so they can truly appreciate Chinese language.  Chinese cultural stories-telling, playing games, Chinese festival celebrations, visits to place of interest like Chinatown, Chinese theme park,  galleries & art museum, Chinatown, tea houses, Chinese food tour, Chinese cooking classes like dumpling making, Chinese movies, concerts, Chinese orchestrate,  theatre and shows and many more to make learning Chinese fun, enjoyable and holistic!






1. Conversational social Mandarin cater to all levels with excellent learning materials from Beijing language and cultural university press.  

  • beginners
  • intermediate
  • advance 

comprehensive topics, easy to follow, well designed and carefully selected for your individual learning needs, progress at your own learning pace, flexible timing and frequency to suit your schedule.    


2. Business Mandarin


Doing business in China? Dealing with Chinese coworkers, suppliers or personnel? Not only do you need to know your everyday Chinese vocabularies, you will also need to learn related business topics to help you communicate and deal effectively with us. I can help you bridge the cultural gap, better understand your Chinese counterparts and create a platform of knowledge and understanding with them that is crucial for effective communication, closing deals and improve relationships!


You can choose which topics to learn or what skills to focus on, e.g.  travel Chinese, getting around, job interviews, contract and correspondence, negotiations, business presentation, telephone calls, quotations, speech etc.  Lessons will cover cultural knowledge, etiquettes, Chinese customs and norms to help you understand the business context and how business is done in China. 


Lessons are customized to cater to your profession and industry.  If you are keen to keep your finger on the pulse on what is happening in China, we can read and study current news and articles from newspapers,  magazines or online journals. My master degree in information studies and work experience as a national library reference librarian made me a seasoned researcher who knows where are the best business information sources.   I am a trained translator and interpreter in Chinese English languages too, my bilingual ability will help you get the most from lessons and progress fast.  Moreover my business background in economics and finance has equipped me with business vocabularies, savvy and practical field knowledge, business concepts and the know-how in the real business world.


I am the ideal Chinese Language and Cultural trainer for your business and professional needs. If you need a seasoned professional to help you with translation or interpretation , for example crafting your Chinese speeches, preparing work presentations, business correspondences and business calls etc. I am here for you.   



3. Chinese Proficiency Test 


Whether you are applying to study in China universities, preparing to work in China or setting up your own business or simply just setting a learning goal for yourself by taking BCT, YCT, HSK and other open exams of different levels, I can help you prepare and ace them.   All my students aced their open exams after my customised tutorage and special teaching methods and excellent learning materials.  Please check my testimonials and my LinkedIn profile recommendations, great results speak for themselves!



4.  Chinese cultural activities 


You can't learn a language without learning its culture, let me take you to a whole new world of Chinese civilizations and its rich heritage of novels, stories, poems, literatures, drama and even films. We will have fun learning together.  It will not be your usual ordinary classroom textbook boring lessons! I make it a point for my lessons to be enjoyable! We will have fun together while learning and appreciating Chinese cultures through language. 


I go extra mile by taking your Chinese learning outside classroom to real-life everyday situations on demand.  We can visit Chinese restaurants, ordering food at hawker center or food court, going to the Chinese movies, concerts, Chinese opera,  Chinese galleries, art and history museums, Chinatown, tea houses, to taste exotic Chinese food or joining enriching cultural tours or visiting places of interests or whatever your fancy.  If you are into singing, I can teach you popular Chinese songs with YouTube videos or going to Karaoke to learn the Pop songs or oldies to impress your Chinese counterparts or simply for your own entertainment.  If your company needs a personal assistant or interpreter for your China trip, I can be there for you too. 


Ever wonder how to recite a classic Chinese poem and what they mean and its origin and background story behind?  How about making your own Chinese dumplings, steam bun or other mouth-watering treats? I can teach you how to making various Chinese dishes or snacks. I love cooking and tasting with you all the yummy Chinese delicacies! So after my demonstration classes, you can cook for your friends and families! Good lives, good food. What gets better than having a fabulous time with your friends and families with great food to share and enjoy?  Food always brings people closer together, why not picking up Chinese cooking skills and get to enjoy your own cooking? 


Last but not least, I design courses cater to short term, mid term,  long term or even express or adhoc classes to meet your individual learning goals. If you know what you want, just let me know what you want to learn, choose your own learning materials,  what industry or particular area you want to focus on, we can work out together a customized learning plan,  just the right one for you.  I am flexible and fluid. Alternatively, if you are happy to follow my recommended standard structure course, I have plenty of authoritative learning materials for you to choose from.  I only choose the best learning programs and materials, my master degree is in information studies, I know where are the best books, learning resources both in print and online. I love reading and constantly seeking out new knowledge, happy to share with you not just Chinese knowledge but also life's inspirations.  I am your positive force in life.    






1. Corporate and executive Chinese language training 

  • one on one
  • group

I design the curriculum specific to your industry and trade, customized lessons and learning programs. My post-graduate diploma in HRM equips me with the effective training skills.   Companies and executives that I have trained from the past ten years come from different trades and businesses, they are from the World Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, RBS, Standard chartered, BNP, Aviva, Ernest & Young, KPMG, The Embassy of the Netherlands, The Embassy of Oman, CLSA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, ABN-AMRO, Deutsche Bank, Gartner, Fuji Xerox,  Jones Lane Lasalle,  Rolls Royce, Global Therapeutic System, PaNalytical, Lloyd's, Sulzer, Lion Global Capital, Sony Ericsson, Resorts World Sentosa, Madame Tussauds Singapore, Conergy, Ashurst, Far East energy, SPG global, Vietnam airlines, Indus Capital, Argus Media, Microsoft, Eternit, Telstra, Atkins Acuity, TDK-Epc, Heidmar, Transmedic, Spearsystem, Intouch, DPS Process System, EMC, Vertex Standard, Total SMB Offshore, Saipem, RWD, REC Wafer, WorldSportGroup, Confero, Redwood group Asia, Acergy, BD Medical, DailyFX, Rio Tinto, Marsh, Lufthansa Asia Pacific, RS components, Alcon, and many more. They have joy learning from me. Their learning objectives achieved and many refer new students to me.  


Whether your company is looking to train your staff on Social Mandarin,  Business Mandarin or industry-specific Mandarin to prepare them for their new roles or enhance job performance in China trade, I have the right skill, experience and excellent training programs for them. Not only will they learn the language, they will also become familiar with Chinese customs and etiquette, this cultural insight will help them understand Chinese people and solve cultural differences issues and thus improve business.  Knowledge is power!